Orizons And Cantrips

Cantrips - Level 0 Spells

Original Name Latin Poetic Alternative Poetic Latin
Resistance Resisto A Basic Warding
Ray of Frost Radius gelidus Fenrirs Breath
Tendril or Finger of Flame* Flamma digito Dei
Word of Ignition* Verbum ignitionem
Detect Poison Manifestus veneno
Daze Conturbo
Dancing Lights |Saltatus iubar Auroral Shimmers
Light Inlumino
Dark Tenebris
Ghost Sound Effigies canor Voices of another world or Fae Music
Disrupt Undead Perturbo nec inferi
Mage Hand Magis attrecto
Mage Fist
Mending Resarcio
Open / Close Aperio / claudo
Arcane Mark
Detect Magic Manifestus veneficium Awakening the Third Eye
Prestidigitation Parvus calumnia
Read Magic Lectio veneficium
Call Instrument (Bardic)
Call Focus (Staff / Athame / Crystal / Goblet )
Chill Light = initiative penalty / loose an action

Stun Stream / Shock bolt / Shout of Power / Basic Neural Strike / Mystic Bolts
Daze / Befuddle / Mind Maze / Lesser Word of Stunning

Detect Magic = Removing the Harucenic Veil
Dancing Lights… Auroral Shimmers
Flare - Stellar Burst
Light - Shimmer Sphere - Spectral Radiance - Conjuring a Glow Globe
Dark - Etheric Miasma , Cloak of Shadows
Ghost Sound / and various variations.
The Gift of Toungues.
Disrupt Undead Touch of Life, Vitalize
Touch of Fatigue, Sapping Vital forces, Touch of Lesser Death
Breaking - Shatter Note
Message - Mind Speach - Wind Cast Words.
Arcane Mark
Sense Magic = Mystic Vision , Witchsight, Weavesight, Magesight
Read Magic = Arcane Cypering, Scriptural Clarity
Battle Sphere (normal combat actions entirely by magic… not dodge or parry or any of those things)

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