The Rose Method

What's in a name? that which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet

William Shakespear was a consumate word crafter who carefully chose every turn of phrase every bit of implication and yes every name for his characters and what they communicated .. he might well have been in this case poking fun at himself. A vital element I am bringing forward is the idea that what we call things and how we emphasize them make a real difference. This is itself the stuff of magic and it is the vital flavor element which at some level can make more than a little difference.

Reworking Spell Names

When it gets down to it…if your gaming language is excessively generic, anachronistic or utilitarian, it can sap even the most imaginative of game elements of its spice and spell naming is a doubly fragile thing. Beginning with the Cantrip's and Orison's they can be stripped down to core effects and restyled to suit.. the game world, the mage and his style of magic may all influence this. If the names sound more melodramatic or flamboyant than their effect remember showmanship counts ;-)

Alternate Spell Names and Visualizations

The Latin Conversion Project.

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